How it works

The Sedera medical cost-sharing model boldly challenges the insurance status quo. Through an innovative layering of healthcare services, we enable individuals and families access to high-quality healthcare that is affordable, flexible and effective.

In addition to sharing medical expenses, Sedera provides access to valuable Counseling, Medical Bill Negotiation, Telemedicine, Expert Second Opinion, and Personal Member Advisor services to all members.

Individuals like your are looking for an alternative to the insurance status quo. That’s where medical cost-sharing comes in.



Why it works

For “curative care” issues, Sedera facilitates the sharing of healthcare costs among its members with medical needs. Our philosophy in the Sedera community is that we’re meant to help carry one another’s burdens. Our method of sharing medical expenses among members and supporting each other along the way shows this principle in action.

Americans who use traditional health insurance see only a small portion of their premium go toward health costs. Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, members share a given amount on a monthly basis and draw from community funds as medical Needs arise.

Monthly shares are generally lower than typical insurance premiums. Through Sedera’s medical cost sharing model, members save between 30 – 50% of the costs that are typically incurred with health insurance plans.

Cost-sharing FAQs
Health Sharing Guidelines
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Member Stories

  • Sedera was there for me 100%. I completely see first-hand how this model works and I never want to give health insurance my hard earned dollars again.
  • After years of dealing with insurance companies, we finally have someone on our side who is looking out for our best interests.

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