Having spent nearly five years in the health care industry, my early assessment is all the truer. The industry as a whole is broken. 

The American people have seen health care related costs sky-rocket (more than 100% increase in just over 5 years). My family and I had enough personally, and I had enough professionally.

Personally, we decided to leave a traditional health insurance model and join Sedera Health. It was a huge financial saving for us and soon after, we realized how much better care we could receive. We chose our doctors, our treatment options, and weren't restricted by what we could afford or what the physician group would or would not recommend. Further, our lifestyle of showing up at Crossfit every day, eating pretty well, and taking care of ourselves helped us to save even more money.

Professionally, I left the insurance brokerage community and created Fit Health in an effort to offer Sedera Health to people like us. I wanted to share our story and give others a chance to tell a similar one. I maintain my life and health licensing so I stay up-to-speed in the industry. I am an influencer in the industry and have gained the respect of many prominent leaders because of my knowledge and my passion. 

If you'd like to learn more about how Fit Health could be the answer to your own high costs and less-than-the-best care, contact me here.

Member Stories

  • Sedera was there for me 100%. I completely see first-hand how this model works and I never want to give health insurance my hard earned dollars again.
  • After years of dealing with insurance companies, we finally have someone on our side who is looking out for our best interests.

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